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Sell My Car

Whether you are a one time seller intending to sell your private vehicle or you are a frequent motor dealer selling frequently, our website is the place to achieve this.

Trade In My Car

Your old car should never distract you from acquiring a new one. Let’s help you sell it at best value and you can top up to pick your new car from our showroom.

Value My Car

Years of experience have given us the expertise to guide you on the best value you can get for your vehicle. This can save you losses or even help you evaluate the value of a vehicle you are about to buy.

Maridady Blog

Maridady blog is about everything; cars, life and business. You can register to participate in our blogs and add value. At Maridady, we believe in exchanging knowledge with the community around us. We are eager to read every comment you make on our blogs as a way of improving our brand and services. We also invite funs to be our guest bloggers and share their knowledge with the world.

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