About us

How It All Started.

Our founder recognizes one Mr. Simon Githuku as the great man who ushered him into the auto industry. Mr. Githuku worked as a high school teacher but imported cars and taught computer lessons on the side. He was Eric Computer Tutor over the Holidays. When Eric finished high school and joined Graffins College To Study Business Computing, The teacher adopted him as a part-timer errand boy on matters to do with creating car ad posters, placing them in different malls and receiving calls to filter the leads for him. That’s how Eric got his nose into the auto industry. While he initially did several business computing and management jobs, around the year 2012, he fully settled as a fulltime car dealer and registered the first Maridady Brand. Today, It’s been over fifteen years since our founder imported his first car to resell. Today, its over 5000 cars safely imported and delivered to customers. Our founder partnered with one of his best friends to import the first car a Mazda Demio .

About The Founder.
Maridady Motors

Sir Eric is a husband & a father of three. He is a resilient social entrepreneur who believes in doing good business while doing good in society. Born in a humble family, Eric was sponsored by his siblings through Highschool and to study Business computing at Graffins College. A student leader and a marketer of the insistititution, the college sponsored him to do a diploma in Public Relations. Eric later sponsored himself to do a degree at USIU. In his Bachelor’s Degree From Usiu, Eric Majored in Psychology and Minored in Marketing. He also recently completed the entrepreneurial Owner Manager Program offered by Strathmore Business School In conjunction with Lagos Business School.

About Our Name

The Name Maridady is borrowed from the Swahili word for beautiful; maridadi. The last letter is changed to Y just to make it a slang. Eric says it’s a word they used a lot with his wife making it the best for their family businesses.

About Our Logo

Our logo is a butterfly, not just because butterflies are beautiful, but because the butterfly tells the story of trusting the process and driving the process. The butterfly starts as a tiny egg, it then first becomes an ugly worm before it can become laggard pupa that eventually bursts into a beautiful butterfly. There can be no better reminder of what building our own lives and businesses can be like. It can get ugly before its pretty. This is what the failures and challenges we encounter in life must always remind us.

Our Philosophy

We are built on a philosophy of succeeding with others. We believe every human being is dropped here on earth to serve his/fellow humans. In the execution of our services, we believe the following values are key as they embody what it truly means to love your neighbor as you love yourself.

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