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At Maridady we have continuously designed win for all products for our partners. Imposales is one such a product. It is designed to help the budding Motor-Preneur who has little capital to start with plug into the motor business and grow his/her capital. This is achieved while making sure that our vehicle buyers get best cars at best prices.

Imposales are preselected vehicles imported on a joint venture arrangement with our partners from our shortlisted and certified exporters in Japan and other countries. The partner pays the CIF Cost plus a little marketing fee while Maridady pays the full duty, clearance, transportation and insurance costs. Once the vehicles arrive, Maridady will sell the vehicles and pay the partner a pre agreed profit.

Each Imposale listed on our website will show full details of capital to be invested, the return on that investment and the Turn Around Time. Once an Imposale is imported and sold, the partner can opt out by getting his full capital and profit or he can continue by reinvesting the capital while cashing his/her profit out. This is an extremely safe way of doing the motor business as Maridady will shield the partner from risks while allowing the partner to reap the full benefits of our infrastructure, network and market trust.

Advantages of Imposales.

  • A Low Starting Capital of Minimum 2000 USD and Maximum 6000USD.
  • A Good Return On Capital of Up To 15%-20% Per Year.
  • High safety Plus Entry/Exit Predictability.
  • Monthly or quarterly profit payment options.
  • A good short-term or long term investment.
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