Anthony Mtinda

- Sales Executive

Maridady Motors, a renowned name in the automotive industry, boasts a rich history of dedicated individuals who have contributed significantly to its success. Among these remarkable individuals is Anthony Mtinda, the longest-serving salesperson at Maridady Motors. Anthony started at Maridady Motors when he was new to the job. Even then, he was great at selling cars and understanding how financing works. In a job where staying a long time and knowing a lot are important, Anthony is a shining exa

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Hyline Kerubo Onkundi


Ms. Hyline Kerubo Onkundi, the Accountant at Maridady Motors, has been an integral part of the company since 2016. Throughout her tenure, she has consistently demonstrated her indispensable value to the organization. With a sharp financial acumen and meticulous attention to detail, she has effectively overseen the company's financial accounts, ensuring stability and accuracy. Beyond her professional competencies, Ms. Onkundi is revered for her unwavering work ethic and steadfast dedication to

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Johannes Kimani Ng'ang'a


Johannes Kimani, is the Sales Manager at Maridady Motors Ltd. His fervor for sales and determination to excel have propelled his career to new heights, serving as a beacon of success. Through years of dedicated effort, Johannes has refined his skills and amassed invaluable industry experience, steadily climbing the corporate ladder to his current role. In his capacity as Sales Manager at THE BEST CAR DEALERSHIP IN KENYA, Johannes oversees the sales team, establishes targets, and devises stra

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She's part of the pioneer team that has seen Maridady hatch into the beautiful butterfly, It is today. With 12 years in HR and Administration, she's dedicated to performance and is an organized, stern-strict individual who believes in the aspect of Time management with a sense of organizational skills. A statute catholic believer, that complements her prayerful trait.

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- Director Maridady Group Of Companies

Eric Mwangi, CEO and Founder of Maridady Motors Ltd . Sir Eric is a husband & a father of three. He is a resilient social entrepreneur who believes in doing good business while doing good in society. Born in a humble family, Eric was sponsored by his siblings through Highschool and to study Business computing at Graffins College. A student leader and a marketer of the insistititution, the college sponsored him to do a diploma in Public Relations. Eric later sponsored himself to do a degree at US

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