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Nissan has developed a distinctive electric-drive powertrain called e-POWER, which combines a petrol engine and an electric motor. By relying solely on a high-output motor to power the system and using the engine solely to generate electricity, the driving experience of an electric vehicle can be enjoyed. The e-POWER system employs the Series Hybrid system, which differs from the parallel hybrid systems used in most hybrids. Compared to conventional hybrids, e-POWER offers a remarkably quiet driving experience with less frequent engine operation. The motor is solely powered by the battery at low to medium speeds, particularly in urban areas. During deceleration, the regenerative brake is engaged, generating electricity that charges the battery.

At high speeds, the engine takes over to generate electricity to power the motor and recharge the battery. In situations that require strong acceleration, the motor combines the electricity generated by the engine with that of the battery, delivering powerful propulsion to the vehicle. DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SERIES AND PARALLEL HYBRID SYSTEM SERIES HYBRID Series drivetrains are the simplest hybrid configuration. In a series hybrid, the electric motor is the only means of providing power to the wheels. The motor receives electric power from either the battery pack or from a generator run by a gasoline engine. A computer determines how much of the power comes from the battery or the engine/generator. Both the engine/generator and the use of regenerative braking recharges the battery pack.


A parallel hybrid is propelled by both an internal combustion engine and an electric motor connected to a mechanical transmission. Power distribution between the engine and the motor is varied so both run in their optimum operating region as much as possible. There is no separate generator in a parallel hybrid. Whenever the generator's operation is needed, the motor functions as a generator. In a parallel mild hybrid, the vehicle can never drive in pure electric mode. The electric motor turns on only when a boost is needed.

By Churchil | 25 Apr 2023