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Roundabouts Training for Passing Your Driving Test

Roundabouts are circular junctions that are designed to allow traffic to keep moving, without necessarily having to stop. They can be tricky, and strike fear into many learners and inexperienced drivers. But if you want to be called a pro driver, it’s a must that you learn to manage roundabouts. And you know, even when you are taking your driving test, the examiner will test your skills in handling a roundabout. So, if your driving test is just around the corner, there is no way you can overlook the importance of learning this driving skill. When you have learned the techniques from a professional instructor in a reputable driving school, you can easily understand how roundabouts work and master them eventually. In this blog, we list a few quick tips that will help you ace roundabouts for your driving test. How to Learn Roundabouts for Passing Your Driving Test Left Turn The Professional instructors in a reputable driving school always recommend that roundabout rules must be followed precisely when taking a driving test. The examiner will either give you directions such as ‘at the roundabout, turn left, the first exit’, or it may be part of the independent driving. Turn on the indicator as you take the left lane for entering the roundabout. Make way for other vehicles and always remain along the left lane. 2. Right Turn If you’re taking a right turn at a roundabout, you’ll need to travel around it from the right-hand lane. Check mirrors to the right and enter the roundabout when it is clear enough to do so; positioning your vehicle towards the right-hand lane. And remember, you will have to change lanes before turning off. 3. Continue Straight If you want to go straight, you may position your vehicle on either right or left lane. Most importantly, you need not turn on the indicator for going straight. However, when exiting, you will have to use your left indicator. Now you may turn it off after having exited the roundabout junction. 4. Approach a Roundabout Have you noticed the roundabout sign on the road? Get Prepared! It’s time to choose the lane you need to turn to. We believe that when used properly, indicators can be an excellent way to increase safety and convenience on a roundabout, by letting those around you know about your intentions. 5. Aim Eye and Hand Coordination To manoeuvre your car properly, you will have to check the signal, speed, and mirrors often. Only then can you stay alert and decide the next moves of your car. During the driving test, the examiner is surely going to test the coordination level between your hand and eye movements. Like mentioned before, make sure you are always signaling in the direction you want to turn. As far as speed is concerned, maintaining a slow and constant speed is important before you join the junctions. Wrapping Up These tips can clear your doubts and concepts, but you still need hands-on training to learn the roundabout techniques with much lesser hassles. This is why securing admission with us is so important. So, hurry up and book your seat at Maridady Driving School now! To know more, you may call @ 0705 261 759 / 0792 000 111 / 0103 888 888.

By Harry | 11 Apr 2022